Artworks in Collaboration


COVID-19, 2020. My husband, Joshua Frankel, and I are completely inspired by the bravery of essential workers every day. We all literally owe them our lives — even more so in this unusual time. We worked with our friend, Frances, to create this image — a riff on the iconic Rosie the Riveter. Frances is a Doctor of Physical Therapy at NYU Langone Medical Center, and is working tirelessly to help patients receive rehab for COVID while in quarantine herself. She set up a camera in her apartment with her phone right next to it, FaceTiming with her sister, who art directed the shoot remotely. We created the image based on that photograph, and Josh animated it to include the text and clapping hands.

We worked with Wendy Neu and Kearny Point to place the animated billboard along Truck Route 1/9 between Jersey City and Newark. Wendy and KP are setting an incredible example, forgoing advertising revenue on their billboard to put forward art, culture, and gratitude. They are fantastic to work with.

Thanks, Digital Billboard, 2020
Thanks, Digital Billboard, 2020
Thanks, Digital Billboard, 2020
Thanks, Digital Billboard, 41' x 15', 2020
Thanks, Digital Billboard, 41' x 15', 2020
ThanksDigital Billboard, 41' x 15', 2020
Thanks, Digital Billboard, 41' x 15', 2020


Dutchess County Flora and Fauna


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